Sunday, February 16, 2020

Evaluation of transferable skills gained during its completion Assignment

Evaluation of transferable skills gained during its completion - Assignment Example This is termed as view of quality. In the gap based view of quality, the quality can be achieved by overcoming the customer perceptions. In case of certain products, the quality is related to certain pre-defined standard level. Conformance to a standard or specification is treated as quality. The customer perceptions are mainly related to the pre-defined quality standards. By minimising the errors on product and service, the quality standards can be achieved, â€Å"From a production/operations point of view, customer satisfaction is about monitoring the quality of delivery of the product and service, the aim being to minimise production errors so saving money and making customers happy.† (Customer satisfaction 2009). Quality and customer satisfaction are closely related. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, quality is an essential factor. In order to measure the customer satisfaction, the examination of the complaints from the customers is an adoptable way. Customer satisfaction is a multidimensional concept. Customer satisfaction and service quality are closely related even though they are independent factors. Thus an increase in the quality level should increase the degree of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the mostly adopted tool for business growth and it is greatly related to factors such as quality and production measurement. The changes in the operational performance and product quality are mainly aimed at improving the degree of customer satisfaction towards them. Customers are the driving force in any business. To enhance the customer satisfaction continuous improvement in the quality level is required for the business. Process service and work environment are subjected to the quality concept. For balancing the needs of customers quality is an essential element. While producing high quality products and services, customer

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