Friday, October 18, 2019

Evaluation of Sources Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evaluation of Sources - Assignment Example 1. My research topic is biodiesel. This publication helps to broaden the scope of the topic by providing relevant information regarding alternative sources of biodiesel and also more benefits of this product. 2. Being an affiliate to the state government of Texas, the office is mandated to provide reliable and accurate report to the public. This therefore means that the report and the information contained are credible. 1. This report has borrowed information from various expert areas. These include the U.S Department of Energy, the Office of Scientific and Technical information, U.S. Department of Transportation – alternative fuel regulations and Environment Protection Agency. This makes the report accurate and reliable for the study. 3. The main purpose of this report is to explain in details all the facts concerning the history and the production of biodiesel in Texas. The motivation for this report is the fact that Texas is the leading state in the production of biodiesel in America. 1. This post is related to my topic, biodiesel in that to explore more about biodiesel and its use, I will require to learn more about the variety of blends of biodiesel available. This will help in giving a relevant argument. 2. It will help me explore the amount of carbon emission from each of these blends. With this information, it will be possible to explore in depth the efficiency of biodiesel in reducing air pollution. The information contained in this post gives the details of each blend of biodiesel and the amount of pure biodiesel in each. For example, B20 is explained as consisting of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum oil. 3. This will help in calculation of the amount of carbon that B20 will emit. Since some of this information is not contained in this post, this source will help us to identify what more information we need to cover the topic. 1.

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