Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wk5 (31) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wk5 (31) - Essay Example Ethno centricity means that one observes a culture from the point of view of the culture and not necessarily from the point of view of one’s own culture. Lack of Cultural sensitivity can lead to stereotyping. The instance of this or the example of this is the point where people engage in stereotyping without sensitivity. Usually, we see Hollywood movies engage in stereotyping without cultural sensitivity and this often result in caricatures of the people being stereotyped. The stereotyping is more prevalent in popular culture and depictions of public images by generalizing the cultural and racial characteristics to include all members of the group. The skills that I would use include the usage of culture specific jargon and words to describe the culture in non stereotypical fashion. This can be done by an increased awareness of the culture of the others and by an effort and attempt to know the culture of the other without compromising on the factual element. The necessary pre-requisites for such skills would ensure that I can foster cultural sensitivity without engaging in stereotyping. The dimensions that Iveys identifies within the three organizing principles are perception of the self, aculturlization and style of personality. These are the organizing principles around which the concept of the verbal and non-verbal discrepancies is built. Each of the dimensions is important and a good point of study from the view point of observation and interviewing the subjects. The most important behavior to observe is that of the perception of the self as this is often a gateway into the future of the self as compared to the other dimensions that merely touch upon the fringes. The perception of the self is an important starting point for further analysis into the causes of what makes the people behave in a certain way. The specific examples for each kind of dimension are the ways in which the behaviors are influenced by the dimensions. The information

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