Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sim City Forever :: essays research papers

Amongst the shelves that are packed with the latest computer software, sits a genre of games, that does not get the recognition that it deserves. Simulation games. These games do not give the player level after level of mind-boggling graphics, blood and gore, or even the feeling of accomplishment. Their one purpose is to give the control to the player, that they would normally not get in their everyday lives. By definition a simulation game is a game where the player must take on a role that is different than his or her everyday life. Within the genre, the software leader is clearly Maxis. Maxis virtually created the realm of simulation gaming. With the release of Sim City, Maxis changed the lives of game players everywhere. The purpose of Sim City was to give control to the player, of a modern city. At the beginning of the game, the player is given three vital options. First, the player must decide what time period he/she wants the games to take place in. The times consist of 1900, 1950, or 2000. No matter where you have started, the game ends at the same point. Second, they must choose a size for their city. The city's size is defined by the amount of squares of building space available. They are then categorized as small, medium, and large. Finally, the player must decide on a name. The name of the city is the one thing that they do not offer choices for. It is completely your choice. The game has already put the player where they want to be, in control. After the startup screen, the player views a blank area k nown as your city's 'Terrain.'; That is where the fun begins. The player's next duty is to start building. Essentially what is happening is that the player is assuming the role of a god-like figure. They are given the control to make decisions such as, laying railroad tracks, placing hospitals, police stations, fire stations, zoning, laying water pipes, placing roads, and perhaps the most important setting taxes. Who would not like to have control of their own little world where they had this much power? After all of the major building decisions have been decided, the player presses the start button and watches the city grow. While playing the game, the player must continue to expand the city, by adding more of the buildings and utilities that they added before the games started.

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