Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Plastic Surgery Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Plastic Surgery - Dissertation Example The concept of the script is to illustrate cruel beauty. The collection entails the clothes suitable for the autumn/winter of 2017. The clothes are menswear. Savage beauty under the context relates to the Japanese tattoo, the corset as well as plastic surgery. The use of the three beautification approaches is ancient in their form. From ancient civilizations, people are particular regarding enhancement of beauty. The use of the corset explains a garment that tends to befit the wearer into a shape that fits the garment and not the human. The Japanese’s tattoo reveals extreme measures. The clothing tends to train the torso into an aesthetic form. A view of the history includes the use of the corset by both genders with the most ancient picture of the attire being 2000BC to appear (Lemire and Riello, 2008: p.912). On the other hand, the Japanese tattoo explains the instance of body decoration. The implication is that the skin is a garment and one that cannot fade away after the a pplication of the ink. The tattoos have particular reasons such as for decorative or spiritual ends. The tattoos first image to come into contact with the modern man tends to date back to about 10,000BC (Westlake, 2012). On the other hand, plastic surgery is the alteration of the body form or the subsequent restoration. The practice dates back to the Old Kingdom that was in rule between 3000-2500BC (Westlake, 2012).The practices were also in practise in the ancient civilization of Egypt as per the Papyrus by Edwin Smith. However, the instance was in the repair of noses.

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