Thursday, October 31, 2019

Mitt Romney Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Mitt Romney - Essay Example Mitt Romney has good policies but people fail to feel his sentiments in issued that affect ordinary Americans. One of the ways this has come out is by Mitt Romney failing to sound so original in his campaign scripts. When people perceive a leader honest, then he passed the likability test. He presents himself as Obama’s direct contrast as opposed to addressing the immediate concerns of America. Therefore he should explain how to shall fix the American economy while at same time look easy and approachable to all Americans. Romney should just be easy with his personality. He should not seem to try too hard. He should just be passionate about what he believes. The best messages to use should be aimed at addressing the ailing economy. He should clearly demonstrate how the current administration has failed and offer brand new solutions to alleviate the suffering of jobless Americans. This should be done with America in mind not Obama in mind. The campaign message should inform American the demerits of failing to support him and also offer more firm and well worded responses to democrats’ election propaganda. The target audience should be all Americans. Messages should however be customized to different age, social and economic groups depending on the place and the time of the speeches. This is because different groups understand the same message differently. The audience should see the passion and the merit of the issues he addresses. It’s not enough to have sound economic policies for a Mitt to beat Obama. Charisma and ability to speak and move people is equally important. This is because Obama is a gifted orator who sounds convincing with ease. The difference shall be how the message is presented that the attitude that Americans can read from the tone used. The energy in the campaign trail and absolute confidence that people really need what you have got to offer is equally important. The

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