Friday, October 4, 2019

LEARNING FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

LEARNING FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Essay Example Thus, the prime two articles â€Å"Nursing Inter†Shift Handover Process in Mental Health Settings: A Best Practice Implementation Project† by Poh, Parasuram & Kannusamy (2013) and â€Å"A Strategy to Enhance the Safety and Efficiency of Handovers of ICU Patients: Study Protocol Of The pICUp Study† by Sluisveld, Zegers, Westert, Hoeven & Wollershiem (2013) have been duly considered along with other literatures related to the similar subject matter. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that the article â€Å"Pilot Study to Show the Loss of Important Data in Nursing Handover† by Pothier, Monteiro, Mooktiar & Shaw (2005) has major contribution in this particular context. Further, the article of Hunt, Marsden & O’Connor (2012) also contribute to the importance of quantitative study in nursing handover process and safety to the patients. In relation to the above context, the study of Poh, Parasuram & Kannusamy (2013) attempted to assess the persisting handover practices or procedures that lay in tertiary mental health based institutions and also determine the strengths along with the limitations of the same. The results of this study depict that the introduction of handover sessions play an imperative role in ensuring patients’ safety in mental health circumstances (Poh, Parasuram & Kannusamy, 2013). Based on the study conducted by Sluisveld, Zegers, Westert, Hoeven & Wollershiem (2013), it can be ascertained that an optimal flow of patient is quite indispensable as a handover practice, which certainly ensures greater level of quality care. The findings of this study decipher that the above stated handover practice raises the quality care level of the patients in the form of managing carefully the risks emerged from premature discharge (Sluisveld, Zegers, Westert, Hoeven & Wollershiem, 2013). On the other han d, the study of Pothier, Monteiro, Mooktiar & Shaw (2005)

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