Friday, October 18, 2019

Wheelchair. Design, Materials and Manufacture Essay

Wheelchair. Design, Materials and Manufacture - Essay Example This equipment is so economical and its operational features are so simple. They are commonly used in nursing homes for evacuating patients from one location to the other. The facilities provided in a wheel chair is in view to care patient and the seats are with large fleets. The design of a wheel chair is in such a way to make it move either by the patient himself or by any supporter by pushing. This provides independence and self sufficiency among disabled persons. Moreover the wheelchair has a remarkable role in the transportation process of disabled persons. Today there are different varieties of wheel chairs and the consumer can choose the apt one according to his convenience and requirements. In order to meet the various requirements of the disabled persons the wheelchairs can be classified as follows. They are manual wheelchairs, light weight wheelchairs, ultra light weight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, recliner wheelchairs, sport wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs, tilt wheelchairs and wheelchairs run by artificial power. With respect to their function and facilities the current varieties are far forward than the past ones. Introduction of superfine materials and high class seat cushion technologies in the current varieties of wheelchairs have created remarkable variations from the older ones. Product designing process Comparing to past years experience the process of designing different variety of convenient wheel chairs has taken remarkable improvement. Among these varieties there are wheelchairs which can be operated to climb on stairs and barriers with out any difficulty. A wheelchair having adjustable seat dimension are highly welcomed by the users allover the world. Hence it is high time to think about manufacturing wheelchairs having skilled caring facilities with respect to various environmental conditions. But nowadays people prefer light weight wheelchairs which have advanced adjustments and facilities. Moreover they have started choosing pleasing varieties to have beautiful look. Lighter chairs are highly reliable and provide maximum mobility to the concerned disabled person. Since these wheelchairs are the life long equipments to be used by them it will be better to design varieties which can meet their maximum requirements under highly functional and reliable conditions. To cope up the se requirements the wheelchairs can be designed with respect to environmental friendly techniques so that maximum advantages regarding convenience can be attained. The suitable and easy way to implement this technique is to choose environmental friendly material for manufacturing the wheelchairs. The traditional wheel chairs are often with fixed and large wheel bases. If the seats are to be adjusted according to requirements they can be fixed on proper rail rods with the help of small wheels or any adjustable mechanisms. Another adjustable part of the wheel chair is its seat's frame. One of the side frames can be fixed on to the driving side wheel and the other part of the frame can be fixed to the guide wheel. This mechanical device enables the wheelchair frame to adjust

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